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dstry is a creative  studio committed to the creation of forward-thinking experiences and identities. 

We are an independent international creative studio specialising in art direction and design.

Founded in 2007, the studio takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses brand identity, advertising, film, digital and interactive installations, and 3D projection mapping.

The studio's portfolio spans a wide range of fields: from fashion and beauty to music, art and film, technology, architecture and interior design.

It takes the best of Japanese and Italian culture, aesthetics, design and skills, mixes it together and returns a unique result in terms of imagination, design, craft, vision and direction.

Our mission is to create work that is relevant, dynamic, beautiful and surprising.

Our diverse cultural heritage informs our work, which sits at the intersection of art and science and aims to explore the expressive potential of the creative use of new digital technologies.

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Over the years we have built successful long-term relationships with many of our clients, large and small.


Via Buonfanti
511000, Italia


Sendagaya Shibuya-ku
Japan ,151-0051