zerofeedback is dstry independent publishing project about photography, architecture and culture.


If you reach this webpage is because you have been invited to participate in one of the editions of the influence(r)s zine.

In the following text, you can find the core concept and instructions on how to go forward.
Thanks for your participation!!

Infuence(r)s is going to be a series of publications, inspired by the surrealist game the “exquisite corpse”, that wants to connect two photographers who, sequentially, will influence each other for the compilation of each publication.

The process is the following: starting from a photo chosen by the first photographer, the second, in turn, will have to choose a photo from his/her archive that for some reason to him/her has a connection with the previously chosen photo.

Influence can be formal, aesthetic, conceptual.

There are no definite rules, the sine qua non condition is that there is a connection with the previous photo.

To get out of an almost unidirectional world to enter a dimension where the influence is bi-directional.

To analyze, to wonder, to think, to find.


So far we published :
numero zero : Giovanni Antignano / Maurizio D’Errico
numero one : Shola W. Lawson / Sakurako Nagaiwa
numero two : Ulysses Aoki / Daniele Martire
numero three ( November ) : Sean Lotman / Alberto Ferrero

We will publish ( dates are approx ):
numero four ( January ) : Johannes Doppler / Wei Cheng
numero five ( February ):  Nadzeya PakhotsinaJulia Winter
numero six ( March ):  Superluna collective
numero seven ( March ):   Karina Petrova / Alexandra Mocanu
numero eight ( April ):  Simonetta Prestinenzi / Dhani Caro
numero nine ( May ):  John Sypal / Giovanni Pascarella
numero ten ( June ): Dorothée Murail / Earl Standerford
numero eleven ( July ):  Johan Brooks / Katsumi Nishizawa
numero twelve ( August ): 

The exchange will happen through a google slides doc and at the end of the process, I will ask you the hi-res photos for preparing the print file. I will give you an upload link where you can upload the photos via the browser.

The photographer will be credited on the zine. All your social profiles and websites will be shared on the printed zine and through social accounts.

Each participant will receive one copy of the zine. Additional copies can be bought at wholesale price.

Regarding the copyright of your photos :

By participating in the project you allows Zerofeedback to use your photos for the publication, and at no time will Zerofeedback assume the rights of the photos other than you.

You verified that you have the right to publish the people in the pictures and that you own the rights to have these pictures distributed, published, or otherwise promoted by Zerofeedback as they are fit for the publication.

You certify that this work of art is not plagiarized from any another source.

You understand that at no time you shall be paid, reimbursed, compensated, or given royalties, now or at any time in the future by Zerofeedback.

I will prepare a digital release form, where you will grant Zerofeedback the permission to use your photos for digital or print publication and other related social media or internet postings always only related to the Influence(r)s publication.

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